Xiaowei Wang Published in Guernica

22 Dec, 2020

Xiaowei Wang Published in Guernica

Writer, artist, and coder Xiaowei Wang introduces a new perspective with their speculative fiction piece on the Pår, a comfortable gray flannel, in "Future Fashions: The Pår". Featured in the global art and politics magazine Guernica, the piece explores the role of imagination in fashion and clothing.

From the story:

When the early models of the Pår came out, it was a fun game to play with strangers you were flirting with. "Well, what am I wearing, to you?" one person would ask, and the other would describe what they saw, revealing their likes, preferences and last bits of culture consumed. A Pår was fun, but most of all it was useful, convenient. You could walk around in your comfortable gray flannel everyday, and yet others would see an outfit tailored to their imaginings. That was the magic of the Pår's silver threads, throwing light and illusion.

Check out the full piece here!