Abigail De Kosnik on the Platinum Age of Piracy

15 Dec, 2020

Abigail De Kosnik on the Platinum Age of Piracy

BCNM Director Abigail De Kosnik recently wrote an opinion piece in Wired titled "2021 Will Launch the Platinum Age of Piracy," emphasizing the impact piracy will have on Disney in the coming year.

From the article:

2021 will be a piracy bonanza, but there’s no reason to think it will be a one-time jubilee. Rather, it will mark the start of a new era for media corporations. Warner doesn’t stand alone in its decision to drop its planned theatrical releases on its streaming platform right away. Disney shifted first, debuting both Hamilton and Mulan on Disney+ in 2020 when the long-running Covid-19 crisis made cinemagoing either impossible or highly inadvisable. And because of Disney and Warner’s moves this year and next, it’s likely that, post-pandemic, studios will opt to release some big-name titles on streaming and in theaters simultaneously, and will open some titles on streaming only. In other words, the celebration probably won’t be limited to 2021, as pirates will get perfect zero-day copies of many motion pictures beyond next year.

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