Ken Goldberg Publishes on Semantic and Geometric Modeling

10 Dec, 2020

Ken Goldberg Publishes on Semantic and Geometric Modeling

BCNM professor Ken Goldberg, along with Andrey Kurenkov, Roberto Martín-Martín, Jeff Ichnowski, and Silvio Savarese1, recently published their research on semantic and geometric modeling in a paper titled "Semantic and Geometric Modeling with Neural Message Passing in 3D Scene Graphs for Hierarchical Mechanical Search."

From the abstract:

Searching for objects in indoor organized environments such as homes or offices is part of our everyday activities. When looking for a target object, we jointly reason about the rooms and containers the object is likely to be in; the same type of container will have a different probability of having the target depending on the room it is in. We also combine geometric and semantic information to infer what container is best to search, or what other objects are best to move, if the target object is hidden from view. We propose to use a 3D scene graph representation to capture the hierarchical, semantic, and geometric aspects of this problem.

Read the entire paper here!