Trevor Paglen Teaching at the Alternative Art School

18 Nov, 2020

Trevor Paglen Teaching at the Alternative Art School

BCNM alum Trevor Paglen has joined the Alternative Art School with Mel Chin, and Janine Antoni! The Alternative Art School hosts its classes via a new e-learning program called Smashcut. The school currently offers 8 scholarships and is pioneering a new version of art instruction.

From the article:

Want to study under artists Trevor Paglen, Mel Chin, and Janine Antoni? Consider enrolling in the Alternative Art School, a new online art education program launching this week that counts all three artists among its faculty.

“These are not just some artists, these are super-geniuses—and not just genius in the sense that they make great art! They’re using art to change the world,” curator and author Nato Thompson, who is the coordinator at the school, told Artnet News. “It’s a real joy to have artists from around the world learning from them.”

The initial slate of course offerings, which began this week, include “Video as a Tool for Political Imagination” with Yael Bartana, and “Procedures from Shadows: Black and Indigenous Art Practice in the Brazilian Context” with Kenneth Bailey and Tiago Gualberto.

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