Jill Miller's Holding it Together

13 Nov, 2020

Jill Miller's Holding it Together

Art Practice and BCNM Professor Jill Miller debuts a new video in the "Holding it Together" exhibition at the Palo Alto Art Center. The video features a collection of moments during the pandemic, reflecting the uncertainty and new experiences these chaotic times have introduced into our lives. The exhibition runs from November 3rd to December 12th, and examines the process of marking art during quarantine and the pandemic. It celebrates the chaotic, the unamde, the messy, and the half-finished.

About Jill Miller's Work:

Jill Miller ( creates a frenetic entanglement of video conferencing fragments, 3D models, a chat with a psychic medium, and computer generated imagery to explore the fracturing of time and space during pandemic life. She collages the online landscape of our new digital normal — fractured connectedness, anxieties about loss and grief, a dithering between life on- and off-line, and virtually conversing with strangers and friends.

Miller examines her mother’s unexpected death during the pandemic through the lens of “everyday” quarantine life, where everything happens through digitally mediated experiences. Temporalities shift between the virtual and the real, the past and the present, the dreamy and the distressing. The landscape is unstable and fantastical: error messages interrupt video transmissions, her mother’s titanium hip hovers in the background, and the coronavirus makes an appearance during a conference call.

This video landscape collapses physical, mental, and virtual spaces, and it mirrors the sense of longing and loss felt across the globe: the loss of freedom, togetherness, and time with loved ones.

Check out the video here!

Check out more about the exhibition here!