Announcing our 2020 Undergraduate Cohort

12 Nov, 2020

Announcing our 2020 Undergraduate Cohort

Image credit: Jago Pang

Please join us in welcoming our 2020 cohort of Undergraduate Certificate in New Media students! Our incoming cohort studies Computer Science, Comparative Literature, Math, English, Art Practice, Cognitive Science, and more!

Skylar Clark

Skylar Clark is a Comparative Literature and English student. She is currently applying to PhD programs in communication and media, and is interested in the intersection of new media, cultural politics, and the language of emotion in media. Skylar plans to construct a comparative study of language in political/protest media in Poland and the U.S. media. Her research would look at comparative social justice resistance movements and investigate how sentiments of solidarity are encoded into charged political language in the media, whether it is through protest music, state-controlled news propaganda, radio, and social media.

Choyang Ponsar

Choyang Ponsar is an Interdisciplinary Studies major who is taking coursework in design, new media, and creative coding. Her interests revolve around indigenous technologies + notions of temporality/futurity and she will channel her vital academic experiences at BCNM into a cumulative creative thesis project for her degree. Currently, Choyang is a product design fellow at the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership where she develops innovative technology-based solutions for issues within the realm of conservation and is an undergraduate researcher/artist at the Future Histories Lab where she utilizes archival methodologies, audio storytelling, and augmented reality to create physical installation work that is publicly displayed at the Albany Bulb shoreline peninsula.

Mallen Clifton

Mallen Clifton is an English and Mathematics student who is interested in the multitudinous styles and genres of electronic literature. After taking an electronic literature course with Professor and BCNM member Alex Saum-Pascual, Mallen began to find crossovers between this branch of study and (their) knowledge of mathematics, such as the similarities between graph theory and study into hypertext literature. She recently published an original work of e-lit, “Escaping Main Street: A hypertext journey through alleys and the (im)material” in Agora Magazine.

Kellyann Ye

Kellyann Ye is a Computer Science & Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies student currently exploring User Interface Design. They are fascinated by the way that her generation thinks about information and thinks about the sharing of information, the way that internet access has changed the way we view ourselves as a collective, how we view the world, and how internet communication has changed the way we interact.

Ashley Reed

Ashley Reed is a Media Studies Major who is interested in how media and technology operate in society. Ashley intends to minor in Education and will blend these areas of study to pursue educational media and to learn how to teach positive learning experiences with technology.

Tucker Beachem

Tucker Beachem is an Art Practice student who creates work that comments on modern situations using technologies that are at home in the 21st century. In this program, Tucker will learn and apply methods from the mediums of new media to a contemporary art space.

Sofie Herbeck

Sofie Herbeck is a Computer Science & Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies student. She is fascinated by the social structures and cultural traditions being constructed in the growing virtual world. Through this program, she is interested in doing some kind of project using the combined lens of New Media and performance studies to examine internet fandom, which she sees as an incredibly rich generative space for new forms of community as well as artistic creation.

Jago Pang

Hey Everyone! I’m Jago, a junior studying Cognitive Science, born and raised in Hong Kong! I’m an aspiring product designer and I am excited to be a part of the New Media certificate program to hopefully help explore that.

Shuge Luo

Shuge Luo is a Cognitive Science and Interdisciplinary Studies student. Shuge is interested in storytelling and how narratives shown in media shape the cultural perceptions of people. Shuge studies social well being through arts, technology and design.

Raga Kavar

Raga is a senior transfer majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a research field of Human-Computer Interaction. Her interest in new media developed after participating in engaging graduate courses that delved into the subject matter. She is particularly interested in exploring and researching how the design of social media platforms can impact online relationships.