Miyoko Conley Awarded Tailspinners Fellowship

09 Nov, 2020

Miyoko Conley Awarded Tailspinners Fellowship

Miyoko Conley, a TDPS and DE student at Berkeley, has been awarded a Tailspinners Fellowship.

Coming from the field of Performance Studies, Miyoko's work deals with intersections between theatre and popular culture, and examines how media phenomenon impact theatrical practices in traditional theatre spaces, and also how online space might be considered theatrical. Miyoko combines her background as a playwright and theatre-maker with her interest in new media technology to study the imbrications of digital technologies with social practices. Miyoko is a recipient of BCNM's Spring 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 Conference Grants. In these conferences, she has presented "Designing a K-pop Audience: Asian American Performance in KPOP the Musical", "How Fanon Becomes Canon: Exo, Free!, and the Nebulous Trasnational Fandom Archive", and "Troubling Games: Putting Politics into Play".

Tailspinners' mentorship program helps up-and-coming game writers produce portfolio pieces. As a mentee, Miyoko will have the opportunity to gain experience completing a polished piece for my portfolio and to learn more about the overall game design process. Miyoko's project is a branching narrative post-apocalypse game focused on community building and cooperation rather than violence. The player will have to navigate post-apocalyptic through their emotional skills such as compassion and listening. Miyoko hopes that this game will question common views of humanity in current post-apocalyptic media and allow players to get in touch with their own emotional skills.

Congratulations Miyoko!

Learn more about Miyoko's project here!