Renée Pastel Appointed Assistant Professor at Boston College

09 Nov, 2020

Renée Pastel Appointed Assistant Professor at Boston College

Renée Pastel (Film & Media) was recently appointed an Assistant Professor at Boston College! She is teaching "Film Theory and Criticism" this fall. The course touches on the significance of visual media and its influence on the world in which they are created. Next spring, she will continue to be teaching in the Communications department with the course "Memory and Media". This course will focus on the relationship between memory and moving images, and how such a relationship affects our narratives both on and off the screen.

Renée's research focuses on the screen treatment of the Iraq/Afghan Wars and the shaping of public opinion, with particular emphasis on the relative success of fictional treatments vs. documentary representations, the role of women, and the use of new media. She is a recepient of BCNM's prestigious Lyman Fellowship for her work on how media's representations of the "War on Terror" reflect the fragmented nature of contemporary visual culture. Previously, Renée served as both our Art, Technology, and Culture and History and Theory of New Media liason.

Congratulations to Renée on being appointed as an Assistant Professor of Communications at the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences at Boston College!