Pablo Paredes Publishes Stress Tracker

28 Oct, 2020

Pablo Paredes Publishes Stress Tracker

With stress being a prevalent factor in many physiological and mental health problems, an unobtrusive yet reliable method of sensing stress is highly sought after. Stanford Clinical Assistant Professor Pablo Paredes investigates how using a computer trackpad could detect and monitor acute stress.

From the paper:

"Enabling precision health and effective stress management regimes are dependent on the evolution of ubiquitous real-time stress sensors and algorithims. An ideal scenario would be to passively obtain data from everday use devices, rather than having people wear sensors or answer survey quations. In this study, we aim at assessing the feasibility of using passively obtained laptop trackpad data to detect acute stress. We present evidence that binary levels of acute stress (ie, whether it is present or not) can be detected from finger strokes alone."

Read the whole paper here!