Celeste Kidd Featured on Inspired Minds

22 Oct, 2020

Celeste Kidd Featured on Inspired Minds

On October 22nd, BCNM faculty member Celeste Kidd spoke on Applied AI at Inspired AI - a nine episode online event hosted by InspiredMinds. Celeste, whose research investigates knowledge acquisition through behavioral experiments and computational models, has had work published in PNAS, Neuron, and Psychological Science. A strong advocate for protecting students against sexual misconduct, Celeste is a perfect fit for Inspired Minds' campaign to "amplify those who speak up, those who are bold and brave".

Inspired AI's event description:

A series of 9 cutting-edge and CPD Accredited business, science, tech and networking online events (including World Summit AI on October 14th) gathering the global AI community and hosted by world-leading Ai experts #withoutborders

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