Architecture as Measure Reviewed in Architect

12 Oct, 2020

Architecture as Measure Reviewed in Architect

Neyran Turan’s book Architecture as a Measure is reviewed by Aaron Betsky in The Journal of the American Institute of Architects, Architect! This great review points out Turan’s ambition to redefine architecture’s capacity to engage with the world through her creation of exhibits of existing buildings deformed and distorted to reveal their origins in extractive industries, or combined to construct narratives of the violence we are perpetuating on this planet.

From review:

For the last decade or so, I have watched the emergence of a group of young designers and thinkers of immense talent and critical insight. Some of these architects have been influenced by Object Oriented Technology, others are interested in “postorthography.” Their work has been displayed in exhibits and books with titles like Possible Mediums and Narrative Architecture. Some of these designers have even managed to keep their images out of media, preserving them as tantalizing reminders of our pre-Internet age. All have moved beyond the thrill of computer-enabled design without succumbing to nostalgia. All are acutely aware of the central problem of architecture today: building something is almost always an ecological crime that helps further social and economic injustice. As a result, all have concentrated on theoretical work, including performances and temporary installations. Neyran Turan proves herself, in Architecture as Measure, to be one of the most talented and promising architects of this group.

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