Asma Kazmi in Dissonant Matter

02 Oct, 2020

Asma Kazmi in Dissonant Matter

The Kala Art Institute is exhibiting Dissonant Matter, a two-person exhibition by Asma Kazmi and Guillermo Galindo! Asma Kazmi creates artwork that brings to light forgotten, invisible, and ignored histories linked to the legacies of colonization. Their exhibition Dissonant Matter focuses on stories of migration and cross passing.

From Kala webpage:

Kala Gallery is excited to present Dissonant Matter, a two-person exhibition of work by Guillermo Galindo and Asma Kazmi. This exhibition brings together new work by Galindo and Kazmi and focuses on tales of migrations and cross passing from non-human perspectives. Their projects reflect on the history of colonialism, global flows of trading goods and migrant labor, and transformation of information and knowledge system.

In this exhibition Kazmi presents her new installation, Fruit from Elsewhere is a multimedia project about the Indian mango. The installation unfolds with a rhizome-like logic—documenting South Asian and colonial representations of the fruit, hearsay and scientific reports about the use of mango in pigment extraction, and the artist’s longing for the fruit in known and unknown places. These intertwining stories ask questions about complex trade routes, global flows of people and commodities, colonial and indigenous knowledge systems, and interspecies entanglements. Kazmi’s work also explores devotional interaction between two bodies: human and fruit.

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