Reggie Royston on Configuring Ghana

24 Sep, 2020

Reggie Royston on Configuring Ghana

Alum Reginold Royston, assistant professor at The School of Information & Library Sciences & the Department of African Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin, has recently published his research article “Configuring Ghana's Diaspora” highlighting the themes of digital diaspora, disjuncture, and deterritorialization in African Diaspora.

From Abstract:

Digital media, diaspora, and deterritorialization have provided important ways to think about contemporary global flows and social ties. Digital diasporas as a unit of study have become especially relevant for social scientists, particularly anthropologists: In this paper, the author argues that digital diasporas represent both online communities and the ICT practices of those living abroad, which seemingly actualise the potential inherent in Castell’s notion of the Network Society. Examining the material and social dimensions of these ties, however, this paper moves to critique the notion of networks as stabilised representations of diaspora/homeland connections. Drawing from the author’s ethnographic research with tech professionals in Ghana, and with diaspora-based social media users in the U.S. and the Netherlands, the analysis posits that the asymmetry of Africa’s sociotechnical infrastructures is central to understanding the enduring disjunctive nature of these flows. Through interviews and analysis, the author illustrates how these sociotechnical systems configure Ghana’s global cyberculture.

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