Andrea Horbinski on Fans, Love, and Anime Since 1963

03 Sep, 2020

Andrea Horbinski on Fans, Love, and Anime Since 1963

BCNM alum Andrea Horbinski recently went on the Making of a Historian podcast to discuss "Fans, Love, and Anime Since 1963." In the podcast episode, Horbinski discusses her work in anime and the history of the Astro Boy television series.

From the podcast episode description:

This week I’m joined by my colleague, Dr. Andrea Horbinski, a PhD from Berkeley who now works for Netflix. We talk about a part of her dissertation. First I should say that her dissertation is fantastic, and in the next few years it’s likely to be a book, tentatively titled Manga’s Global Century. You need to keep a watch for it when it does because it’s an eye-opening history that traces the origins of manga from the late 19th century up to the present. We can’t talk about that whole scope in this podcast, so we talk about the story of the Astro Boy TV show.

Read the rest of the description and listen to the podcast episode here!