Yairamaren Roman Maldonado on Remote Instruction

03 Sep, 2020

Yairamaren Roman Maldonado on Remote Instruction

BCNM scholar and Ph.D. Candidate Yairamaren Roman Maldonado recently published an article titled "A Low-Tech State of Mind: Applying the Principles of Minimal Computing to Remote Instruction" on Medium. In the article, Maldonado discusses the accessibility of technology and methods to ensure a "low-tech state of mind" for remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the article:

While it was very useful to learn about an amazing array of digital tools for remote instruction/learning, it is unrealistic to integrate all or a majority of these tools in course design. Curating which digital tools to use was difficult because while I would love to integrate them all (I love technology!), sometimes less is more and for remote teaching I think that making the most out of a limited number of platforms can be far more pedagogically effective than to use a lot of different digital tools.

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