Playing Nature Reviewed in Manchester Game Studies Network

11 Aug, 2020

Playing Nature Reviewed in Manchester Game Studies Network

Alum Alenda Chang's Playing Nature: Ecology in Video Games was reviewed by Sam Illingworth in the Manchester Game Studies Network! This great review points to Alenda's incredible interdisciplinary approach to media and the environment.

From the review:

Playing Ecology is an essential text for any games scholar or ecologist who is interested in better considering the role that video games can play in understanding our relationship with the natural environment. It should also form a fundamental point of reference for any scholar who claims to be interdisciplinary in their approach to research. Yet, perhaps the greatest virtue of this book is its incredible generosity; Chang introduces and interrogates multiple ways in which game studies and ecology might collaborate to produce new and original perspectives. Aspiring and experienced game scholars alike will find much in this book to prompt their own future research directions, and I am particularly excited about future work into ‘dark ludologies’; extending Timothy Morton’s work on dark ecologies (those substances that lurk beneath the surface, out of sight and out of mind) into game worlds. I sincerely hope that Chang is my guide on such an Adventure.

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