Neyran Turan Publishes Architecture as Measure

06 Jul, 2020

Neyran Turan Publishes Architecture as Measure

Congratulations to Neyran Turan on the publication of her new book Architecture as Measure from Actar Publishers!

In light of the current political crisis around climate change, what can architecture possibly contribute towards a new planetary imaginary of our contemporary environment beyond environmentalism and technological determinism?

Architecture as Measure is an elaboration on this question, and on the disciplinary and cultural potentials of such a provocation. It positions climate change as a cultural and political idea that requires a renewed architectural environmental imagination.

The book takes on this task by presenting a set of unconventional collisions between architecture and climate change, which all extrapolate broader concerns of the city, environment, and geography through the lens of specific architectural questions such as form, representation, and materiality. In addition to the introductory essay, the book consists of nine separate chapters, each of which contains an essay by Neyran Turan and is coupled with a project by her architectural practice NEMESTUDIO. Inherent in the premise of the book is the proposition of a new conception of architecture's engagement with the wider world through a specific focus on architecture's capacity to boost its planetary effect from within.

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