Jen Schradie on Work and Sociability During the Lockdown

24 Jun, 2020

Jen Schradie on Work and Sociability During the Lockdown

BCNM alum Jen Schradie and her co-authors penned a policy brief on the collision between professional and domestic life, as well as new forms of social contact, among the French population during the COVID-19 quarantine. Available to the public in French and English, "When life revolves around the home: Work and sociability during the lockdown" was published in SciencesPo and funded by the French National Research Agency.

An excerpt from the brief:

Lockdown constraints, rather than prestige per se, generally restrict social life to the basic necessities -- work, health (as illustrated by the relatively high proportion of people in contact with a nurse) and education. Nonetheless, we still find a social gradient pattern in the way ego’s social network is structured during the lockdown: managers, high-earner respondents and respondents who have been working from home are significantly more likely to have high-prestige contacts. This finding hints at a potential segregative effect of the lockdown on social relations, as they tend to be more concentrated on relatives and also more frequent within high earner and high prestige professions.

Read all the findings from Schradie and team on social distancing, cohesion and inequality here.