Bo Ruberg Published in Indie Games in the Digital Age

18 Jun, 2020

Bo Ruberg Published in Indie Games in the Digital Age

Alum Bo Ruberg published "The powers and pitfalls of queer indie game-making: An interview with Mo Cohen" in Indie Games in the Digital Age, a new collection edited by M.J. Clarke, Cynthia Wang, published by Bloomsbury!

From the book description:

A host of digital affordances, including reduced cost production tools, open distribution platforms, and ubiquitous connectivity, have engendered the growth of indie games among makers and users, forcing critics to reconsider the question of who makes games and why. Taking seriously this new mode of cultural produciton compells analysts to reconsider the blurred boundaries and relations of makers, users and texts as well as their respective relationship to cultural power and hierarchy. The contributions to Indie Games in the Digital Age consider these questions and examine a series of firms, makers, games and scenes, ranging from giants like Nintendo and Microsoft to grassroots games like Cards Against Humanity and Stardew Valley, to chart more precisely the productive and instructive disruption that this new site of cultural production offers.

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