Electronic Literature Final Projects

30 May, 2020

Electronic Literature Final Projects

“Electronic Literature” is a course taught by BCNM’s Alex Saum Pascual. The course “combine[s] humanities literary analysis with the teaching of digital tools and resources through practical, hands-on work.” Check out the awesome final projects for Spring 2020, which consist of slideshows, music, maps, and narratives presented in both English and Spanish.

Students’ final projects range from a digital performance of the Mexican mariachi song Las abajeñas (Sergio Cabada Ortiz), a choose your own adventure journey of a migrating butterfly (Kayleigh Nealon), to Co-Wellness-Inspiration-19 (Bryan Truitt); A distant wellness journey during COVID-19, as told through a would-be influencer’s Instagram account.

As Pascual describes in the class blog, “eLit” is a form that is purposely transformative and shapeshifting, moving through different languages and media:

When faced with a particularly playful or interactive e-lit work most people find themselves trying to figure out if that which they are reading is really a story or a video game. The place of e-lit, sitting at the margin of many given genres and media, allows it to move freely and traverse and inhabit many different forms and bodies; the literary becomes something a bit like a supernatural shapeshifter.

Make sure to view the amazing work presented by Pascual’s students here!