Clancy Wilmott's Mobile Mapping Now Available Open Access

14 May, 2020

Clancy Wilmott's Mobile Mapping Now Available Open Access

Clancy Wilmott’s “Mobile Mapping: Space, Cartography, and the Digital” is now available open access!

Make sure to check out her book, which argues for a theory of mobile mapping; a situated and spatial approach towards researching how everyday digital mobile media practices are bound up in global systems of knowledge and power.

From the intro of the book:

How can we understand mobile mapping in its amorphous liquidity? Boundless, mutable, personal, digital, what does mapping mean in an age of mobile digital media? Or, more precisely, who are the mappers and what is the map? What does it mean to see, read, capture, catalogue, comprehend, calculate and represent the vast networks of spatial relations that assemble on a day-to-day basis? ‘Mapping’ is a complex term – not least because of its ambiguity. It is based in action rather than in the distinction between subject (mapper) and object (map). It is a practice of drawing relations together in and through movement, of moderating our everyday lives between what Doreen Massey (2005) describes as the fixity of representation and the openness of space.

To read the full book click here! For an abstract click here!