Alenda Chang Mentor for Indiecade Climate Jam

21 Apr, 2020

Alenda Chang Mentor for Indiecade Climate Jam

Alum Alenda Chang was a mentor for the IndieCade Climate Jam. Climate Jam is a virtual jam hosted on where game creators and developers are invited to explore solutions for climate change. Indiecade Climate Jam goes from April 18 to the 22nd! This event is fully online.

Check out her video below!

From website:

Join us on Discord! – - easy way to ask questions, chat, meet other jammers, whatever. If you haven't yet, be sure to say hi in the #introduce-yourself channel. We have #looking-for-group channel where you can meet others who are working on the jam, and many other channels dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible.

The online jam will be covered live over IndieCade social media channels, including our Twitter. If you have any screenshots, work you are doing or anything you are posting on social media tag us #ClimateJam @indiecade so we can repost! Also post in the #show-and-tell channel on Discord.

Now more than ever, IndieCade is focused on supporting creativity, connection, and hope for the future. We invite game creators from across the world to join Climate Jam, to explore solutions that can address a rapidly changing world.

We invite developers from across the globe to join, contribute, and virtually connect.

The goals for the jam are to take action and raise solutions. We believe this generation of creators care deeply for our planet and holds the power to inspire while using games as a platform.

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