Camille Crittenden Featured on UC IT Blog

12 Apr, 2020

Camille Crittenden Featured on UC IT Blog

Camille Crittenden, Executive Director of CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, and co-founder of the CITRIS Policy Lab and the Women in Tech Initiative, describes her role as executive director, her current work on gender issues, and what she believes are the key challenges women face in the IT fields.

We are so proud of the outstanding work Camille is doing and her tremendous support towards women in tech!

From article:

I am fortunate to serve as executive director of CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society), whose mission is to create information technology solutions for society’s most pressing problems. I also co-founded the CITRIS Policy Lab and the Women in Tech Initiative at UC. In my role as ED (together with the faculty director), I oversee the range of research and operations for the multi-campus research institute, one of four Institutes for Science and Innovation at UC. We are headquartered at UC Berkeley and work closely with partner campuses at Davis, Merced and Santa Cruz.

The Women in Tech Initiative (WITI@UC) envisions a world in which women in technical fields are proportionately represented and equitably compensated throughout the professional ranks in industry, academia, and the public sector. We aim to increase the persistence and success of women in technical fields to achieve this vision.

How not to handle discriminatory practices? Turn hiring and promotion decisions over to algorithms in the hope that they will yield less-biased results. Biased training data sets, flawed algorithms that lack transparency, and over-reliance on untested and unaudited “scores” could contribute to exacerbating bias rather than leveling the playing field for all.

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