ATC Video Now Online: Margaret Rhee

05 Apr, 2020

ATC Video Now Online: Margaret Rhee

Margaret Rhee continued our Art, Technology, and Culture colloquium series with her talk "In Search of My Robot: Emergent Media, Racialized Gender, and Creativity"

Robots, like any technology, are not "objective" or "universal"; Instead, machines reveal the process of social formation. This talk demonstrates how difference--such as race, gender, and sexuality--are shaped by and co-constitutive with technological developments. Specifically, this talk illustrates how the robot is a primary locus of racialization for Asian Americans within modernity’s distinction between humans and machines.

An Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium, co-sponsored by the Department of Ethnic Studies and the Department of Comparative Literature, presented with Berkeley Arts + Design as part of Arts + Design Mondays.