Ken Goldberg on How AI Amplifies Human Competencies

13 Mar, 2020

Ken Goldberg on How AI Amplifies Human Competencies

Ken Goldberg was recently featured on Creative Destruction II, the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management's Winter 2020 magazine. In this issue, he was interviewed by UC Berkeley professor emerita Karen Christensen.

His interview touches on automation anxiety, human competencies, complementarity instead of singularity, and much more.

From the article:

In contrast to the fear of robots taking over and becoming superior to humans, complementarity emphasizes the positive potential for AI to complement human abilities by reducing drudgery — giving us more time to do what we do best.

One of these things is the ability to empathize. Understanding how someone is feeling is a uniquely human quality. We are nowhere close to having a machine be capable of that, because to feel empathy, by definition, you have to be able to put yourself into the position of a human being. AI and robots will never be able to do that.

Another uniquely human trait is creativity. I have yet to see any evidence that AI or robots can do anything truly creative.

Read the entire interview transcript here.