Jen Schradie Interviewed for "The Data Driving Democracy"

05 Mar, 2020

Jen Schradie Interviewed for "The Data Driving Democracy"

BCNM Alum Jen Schradie was interviewed and featured in the American Academy of Arts & Sciences research paper titled "The Data Driving Democracy: Understanding How the Internet Is Transforming Politics and Civic Engagement" by Christina Couch. In the paper, Couch highlights Schradie's work with technology and civic engagement.

From the paper:

Using survey data from roughly forty-one thousand American adults, Schradie analyzed ten ways of creating digital content, ranging from chatroom participation to blog production, and found that, just like in traditional media, digital content production varied along socioeconomic lines. Across all ten production activities, users who had higher levels of formal education were more likely to be content producers. They also produced significantly more content than those lower on the ladder,55 indicating that instead of disrupting existing power structures, the Internet had strengthened voices that were already louder than others.

Read more about Schradie's work and methods in addition to the rest of the research paper here.