Jen Schradie on The WELL

04 Mar, 2020

Jen Schradie on The WELL

Alum Jen Schradie took to Inkwell.vue to share her latest book, The Revolution That Wasn’t: How Digital Activism Favors Conservatives. Inkwell.vue is a WELL conference medium that allows anyone to read and comment, stylistically modelled after an online discussion forum. In a world of soundbites and 280-character tweets, The Well also distinguishes itself as a space for long-form, nuanced information and conversation.

An excerpt from the discussion:

Q: Jen, to start things off, talk about your work and how you came to focus on on these political activist communities in North Carolina?


A: I was familiar with the politics there, as I had been a filmmaker and activist there, as well as an undergrad. But more importantly, it is a purple state. Obama won the state by a slim margin in 2008 and then lost by an equally slim margin in 2012. And the state not only has far and central left groups but also conservatives that range from professional groups to far-right Prepper groups - all of whom coalesced around the hot-button issue of collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Read the entire discussion thread here.