Trevor Paglen in Art in the Age of Anxiety

26 Feb, 2020

Trevor Paglen in Art in the Age of Anxiety

Alum and artist Trevor Paglen's work will be featured in "Art in the Age of Anxiety," an exhibition at the Sharjah Art Foundation with more than 60 works and 30 international artists. Paglen will be showcasing his 2015 video installation, "Circles," which critially analyzes the surveillance state.

According to the official press release:

Art in the Age of Anxiety conjures the bombardment of information, misinformation, emotion, deception and secrecy that invades online and offline life in the age of digital technology. It aims to illuminate the 'post-digital' condition - the manners and behaviours found in a world altered by the rise of digital technologies - and posits speculations for our future.

The exhibition will open March 21 and remain available for public viewing until June 21.

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