Review of Jane McGonigal's Future Thinking Course

24 Feb, 2020

Review of Jane McGonigal's Future Thinking Course

De Tijd, a Belgian newspaper that specializes in business and economics, wrote on alum and game designer Jane McGonigal's Coursera class on "Futures Thinking Specialization." In her five-part series, she introduces students to foresight skills so they can spot opportunities for innovation faster and better.

From the article (via Google Translate):

In the 'How to Game the Future' course, McGonigal provides examples and exercises that make clear how important playing games is for futurists.

But the future, when does it start? A ten-year horizon is used in these courses. So today we wonder what the world will look like in 2030. With a horizon of one to five years, you risk remaining the prisoner of what exists, but ten years is long enough to believe that things can be completely different. Facebook went from one user to 1 billion users in ten years. And in ten years we went from a few million mobile phones that were connected to the internet to 5 billion.

Read the review here.

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