Alenda Chang's Media+Environment Featured at UCSB

20 Feb, 2020

Alenda Chang's Media+Environment Featured at UCSB

Alum Alenda Chang is one of three editors-in-chief, along with her UC Santa Barbara colleague Janet Walker and Adrian Ivkahiv of the University of Vermont, who are launching an incredible new open-access online journal Media+Environment. UCSB featured their work recently.

This journal is casting a wide net to find creative takes on how media shapes our understanding of environmental issues, and how it impacts the environment in both positive and negative ways. The journal is created on the central idea of eclecticism. For instance, the first issue includes a report on the “Purple Air” network of air-quality censors, plus an interview with a prominent Chilean-Mapuche filmmaker and social activist which is conducted by a UCSB graduate student. Also, there is an article on how Chinese workers in interactive-media factories, who are laboring under exploitative conditions, have turned to mobile phone poetry. The editors are committed to producing a journal in which the views expressed are not strictly from a North American or European perspective.

As Alenda Chang said, “We want to reach a large audience — not just people who read traditional academic journals. We don’t want to just have traditional scholarly essays. We want contributions from artists, filmmakers, activists, and people from across the humanities and social science spectrum.”

To learn more about the journal of Media+Environment, read here.