Ken Goldberg at CES 2020

12 Feb, 2020

Ken Goldberg at CES 2020

Ken Goldberg hosted the opening conference session, "A Radically Hopeful Vision of the Future," for the "Robots For Good" track at CES 2020. CES 2020 is a premier consumer technology conference that took place in early January of this year.

The theme behind "Robots For Good" was to discuss how robots are improving the planet and helping humanity. It hoped to turn negative media headlines on its head and provide attendees with a more positive perspective of what robots are capable of — for the better.

According to Goldberg's session description:

Automation anxiety has a long history, with threats of robots taking jobs and humans fearing the singularity. Learn about a new idea that proposes the term multiplicity, where diverse humans work together with machines to innovate and solve problems.

During the session, Goldberg proposed multiplicity — in which diverse groups of humans work together with diverse groups of machines — as an alternative to the popular theory of singularity. He also shared his own robotics research.

You can read more about this conference track and the sessions it hosted during CES 2020 here.