Camille Crittenden in Issues in Science and Technology

03 Feb, 2020

Camille Crittenden in Issues in Science and Technology

In Camille Crittenden's piece "The Kids Are Online—and Alright," she writes about the disparities of broadband access and how that affects the growth of adolescents.

Lack of broadband access is a greater threat to the well-being of young people than too much access.

She writes in favor of teen and child access to tech and the internet, arguing that overexposure has proven to be more beneficial than underexposure. She explores the implications behind the internet and its relation to sex, mental health, and political involvement.

Crittenden argues: "While many well-to-do parents anguish about the effects of too much screen time on their kids, and how to reduce it, the more serious imperative is to ensure that all young people have the high-speed access they need. To gain the benefits of an information economy and participate fully in civic life, underserved communities require access to online resources that are possible only through public and private investment in cyberinfrastructure."

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