Review of The Revolution That Wasn't in Inside Higher Ed

31 Jan, 2020

Review of The Revolution That Wasn't in Inside Higher Ed

Alum Jen Schradie's latest book The Revolution That Wasn't: How Digital Activism Favors Conservatives received an excellent review from Barbara Fister in Inside Higher Ed.

From the review:

“The media’s focus on the use of technology by left-wing protest movements had people looking in one direction while a wave was cresting from just outside their field of vision,” Schradie writes. Though she doesn’t speculate whether digital activism influenced the 2016 election, she does question the assumption that the internet favors grassroots and leaderless movements. It turns out wealth, power, a compelling message and strong institutional ties matter. She comes to the same conclusion as the authors of Network Propaganda -- that the rise of the right wasn’t influenced as much by filter bubbles and digital architectures as it was a case of Trump benefiting from a strong belief systems and “an information wave among conservatives that had been building for years.”

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