Jacob Gaboury Speaks at Training Humans

05 Jan, 2020

Jacob Gaboury Speaks at Training Humans

Jacob Gaboury spoke at the Fondazione Prada Exhibition, Training Humans, by alum Trevor Paglen and Kate Crawford.

The exhibition, running until the 24th of February, sees Crawford and Paglen explore the evolution of training image collections from the 1960s to today. As Trevor Paglen states, “when we started to elaborate the idea of ​​the exhibition, over two years ago, we wanted to tell the story of the images used for the 'recognition' of human beings in the computer vision and artificial intelligence systems sector. We were not interested in the inflated version of AI applied to marketing or the dystopian tales about robots of the future. " Kate Crawford adds, “we wanted to deal directly with the images that make up artificial intelligence systems and take them seriously as part of a rapidly evolving culture. These visual materials represent the new vernacular photography that guides artificial vision.

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