Ken Goldberg and AUTOLab in RoboGlobal

18 Oct, 2019

Ken Goldberg and AUTOLab in RoboGlobal

BCNM professor Ken Goldberg wrote about deep learing and depth sensing for RoboGlobal! Goldberg shared the incredible work on these topics being conducted by he and his students in AutoLab.

From the article:

Hate making your bed? You’re not alone. According to this article in the Huffington Post, making the bed is one of the most annoying household jobs. My students and I at UC Berkeley’s AUTOLab are exploring how robots might address daily chores like this. Combining depth sensing with deep learning, we are developing methods to enable robots to grasp objects in heaps—and, soon, even to make your bed.

In addition to being Director of UC Berkeley's AUTOLab, Goldberg also serves as a Strategic Advisor at ROBO Global.

Read the post here.