ATC Video Now Online: Chico MacMurtrie

16 Oct, 2019

ATC Video Now Online: Chico MacMurtrie

Our Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium lecture, In and out of the Body and into the Machine, was held in conjunction with the Berkeley Arts and Design initiative.

Chico MacMurtrie is a New York-based artist operating out of his studio, the "Robotic Church." He is known for his anthropomorphic, computer-controlled sculptures. One of internally renown works is the “Inflatable Architectural Bodies" series, hich explores the underlying essence of movement and transformation in organic and non-organic bodies.

MacMurtrie is currently working on the “Border Crossers”, a series of inflatable robotic sculptures, which are designed to rise several stories high and arch over the U.S.-Mexico border and other borders around the world. Their choreographed performance would originate on both sides of the border and stage a symbolic gesture of unity and peace.

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