BCNM in HyperObjects

15 Oct, 2019

BCNM in HyperObjects

"HyperObjects," the 2019 Art Practice Department exhibition features work by BCNM faculty including Asma Kazmi, Jill Miller, Greg Niemeyer, Alex Saum and others.

The exhibit will be on display at the Worth Ryder Art Gallery in Wurster Hall from October 16th to November 7th, 2019.

From the exhibit description:

In his book Hyperobjects (2013) Timothy Morton defines the hyperobject as something "massively distributed in space and time in relation to humans." A primary example is climate change. This exhibition includes works that explore how hyperobjects reflect human relationships with the planet during the Anthropocene era.

Many of the artists were originally featured in the 2018 exhibition Hyperobjects at Joy Forum, University of Bergen, Norway, curated by Greg Niemeyer, Eamon O’Kane, Scott Rettberg, supported by the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study.

Also curated by O’Kane and Rettberg, the current exhibition also includes work by the faculty and staff of the UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice. These works merge with the those from the original exhibition, and, in a way, become viscous (to borrow Morton’s term), and “stick” to the other artworks.

Read more about the exhibit here.