Open House Fall 2019 Revisited

23 Sep, 2019

Open House Fall 2019 Revisited

We were thrilled to kick off the 2019-2020 academic year with a packed Fall Open House! We are particularly excited to welcome Abigail De Kosnik as BCNM’s new director. Gail led the room with a presentation on "What BCNM can do for you and what you can do for BCNM," she introduced BCNM’s wonderful affiliated faculty and plans for the future. Notably, this year we are focusing on how BCNM can help shape how new media technologies impact equity, and inclusion. How can new media change technology industries to reflect our diverse communities?

If this sounds like an area of interest, get involved! Gail shared our several ways of joining the BCNM, from becoming a DE to joining our Certificate program. But you don't need to be officially affiliated with BCNM to take advantage of our programs. Our HTNM -- History and Theory of New Media Lecture Series -- and ATC -- Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium -- are open to all. They're also great spaces to get to know BCNM faculty and graduate students, who include 30 executive committee members from 20 different campus units, 52 graduate students from 18 different departments/disciplines, including: EECS, Information, Architecture, Geography, African American Studies, Performance Studies, Rhetoric, Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Education, and more! Students can also join one or both of our working groups: the New Media Working Group (co-organizers: KC Forcier and Will Payne) and the Color of New Media (co-organizers: Abigail De Kosnik and Keith Feldman). Our students can also book our beautiful Commons and our office in Stuardja Dai Hall for office hours via bCal. We also welcome suggestions for new advisory board members. You can learn more about the opportunities at BCNM on our Graduate Opportunities and Undergraduate Opportunities pages.

The Open House is open to faculty, staff and prospective students, and showcases the variety of exciting new media research. Most importantly, the Open House serves to connect the wealth of new media programs and resources on campus. These programs include New Media Working Group, the Color of New Media Working Group, Arts + Design, Digital Humanities at Berkeley, the Arts Research Center, the Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society, and the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation!

2019 Fall BCNM Open House