Alum Trevor Paglen at Art Encounters Biennial

04 Aug, 2019

Alum Trevor Paglen at Art Encounters Biennial

If you're in Romania, you won't want to miss this year's Art Encounters Biennial, which runs from September 20th to October 27th in Timișoara, and features work from alum Trevor Paglen.

From Artforum's description:

“Over the course of this edition of the Art Encounters Biennial, different thoughts and ideas will flow through artworks and practices,” Lind and Rujoiu said in a statement. Referencing the work of Nobel Prize–winner Herta Müller, they added: “Similar to the winds in Herta Müller’s novels, which take place in and around Timișoara and have different connotations, the winds of the biennial will bring various temperatures, atmospheres, and even substances. Winds blow through borders and translations, something well known in Timișoara’s Banat region, including the edges of visibility and invisibility. Another wind drives an attentiveness to craft and the work of the hand. A third wind stimulates independent publishing, personal collections, and other forms of self-organization.”

You can read more about the program at Artforum and ArtNews!