Training Humans at Fondazione Prada

03 Aug, 2019

Training Humans at Fondazione Prada

Alum Trevor Paglen joins Kate Crawford for the Fondazione Prada exhibition, Training Humans, which runs from September 12th, 2019 to February 24th, 2020.

Training Humans, conceived by Kate Crawford, AI researcher, artist and professor, and Trevor Paglen, artist and researcher, is the first major photography exhibition devoted to training images: the collections of photos used to train artificial intelligence (AI) systems in how to “see” and categorize the world.

From the website:

Training Humans explores two fundamental issues in particular: how humans are represented, interpreted and codified through training datasets, and how technological systems harvest, label and use this material. As the classifications of humans by AI systems becomes more invasive and complex, their biases and politics become apparent. Within computer vision and AI systems, forms of measurement easily – but surreptitiously – turn into moral judgments.

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