Berkeley Talks: #SandraBlandMystery: Aaminah Norris on the transmedia story of police brutality

10 Jul, 2019

Berkeley Talks: #SandraBlandMystery: Aaminah Norris on the transmedia story of police brutality

(Photo by Meg via Flickr)

Listen to an incredible conversation on transmedia storytelling and police brutality against women and girls of color. Abigail De Kosnik interviews Aaminah Norris for Berkeley Talks on her co-authored paper, “#Sandra Bland’s Mystery: A Transmedia Story of Police Brutality," which appeared in #Identity: Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation (Michigan University Press, 2019). Co-edited by Abigail De Kosnik and Keith Feldman, #Identity comprises contributions from the scholarly collective, the Color of New Media Working Group, of which Aamainah was a member while at the Graduate School of Education. She is now an assistant professor at Sacramento State in the College of Education.

This conversation was featured in Gail's online course Performance, Television and Social Media. It was designed and produced in collaboration with Digital Learning Services.

From the interview:

So if I were just a name of someone who died, and then maybe it popped up on a blip on your 10 o’clock news, and particularly when there’s these questions around the responsibility of the police and the role that they played in it, then what happens is that people become irrelevant. And their lives become as if they did not exist, and they don’t matter. So what African American Policy Forum was saying was like, no, these women mattered. Their lives mattered also.

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