Poetry by Malika Imhotep in Scalawag

03 Jul, 2019

Poetry by Malika Imhotep in Scalawag

We're so excited to see new poetry from Malika Imhotep in Scalawag! Scalawag sparks critical conversations about the many Souths, amplifying voices of activists, artists, and writers to reckon with Southern realities as they are, rather than as they seem to be.

From Malika:

I've been noticing I hold a lot of my Southernness in my mouth. It's my accent. It's flavor. It's the sweet. It's the stank. The heart of these poems is my relationship to homesickness as a craving. The songs on the playlist sound like the meeting place of ancestral memory and trill futurity. Nina's portrait painting, Gipp and Joi's funky seductive interplay, Crime Mob's soft crunk, and BbyMutha's assertion of immortality. It's all medicine.

Read her incredible poetry (and listen to her playlist!) here!