Greg Niemeyer at the Palo Alto Cultural Center

04 Jun, 2019

Greg Niemeyer at the Palo Alto Cultural Center

The Palo Alto Cultural Center's latest exhibit Local Editions: A Celebration of Bay Area Printmaking features Greg Niemeyer and Roger Antonsen's Network Paradox Scroll! The exhibition runs from June 15—August 25, 2019. Don't miss the opening celebration on Friday, June 21 from 7-10pm!

From the website:

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most creative and innovative print studios in the country. Locally and internationally renowned artists have created new work with master printers at presses which include Arion Press, Crown Point Press, Electric Works, Gallery 16, KALA, Magnolia Editions, Mullowney Printing, Paulson Fontaine Press, Trillium Graphics, and Smith Andersen Editions. For this exhibition, the Art Center has collected pieces produced at these notable presses in order to celebrate the rich tradition of fine art printmaking, showcasing its many processes and results. With our accompanying artist-in-residence program highlighting local printmakers for short, nine-day residencies, the Center intends to engage the public directly in the power of printmaking. And through our Summer of Printmaking, inspire our visitors to try their hand at this dynamic and always-evolving form of expression.

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