Alex Saum-Pascual Promoted to Associate Professor

02 May, 2019

Alex Saum-Pascual Promoted to Associate Professor

Congratulations to Alex Saum-Pascual, who was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese beginning July 1, 2019!

Alex teaches teaches a broad range of courses on Spanish culture and literature, combining the study of literary texts with other cultural (not only digital) products of the 20th and 21st centuries. She has taught courses exploring the role of media on the construction of the Spanish imaginary, the impact of television shows and their adaptation of social realists works, and the role of theater, popular music, or the Web and social media as means of social protest. Her research expands on the relationship between literature and digital technologies, questioning what this means for contemporary literary experimentalism. She is particularly keen in the study of electronic literature (digital prose and poetry), which she has taught at all levels.

Alex’s work has been published in the United States, Mexico and Spain in The Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, The Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, Letras Hispanas, and Digital Humanities Quarterly,among others. Her monograph, #Postweb! Crear con la máquina y en la red (Iberoamericana-Vervuert, 2018) explores the influence of electronic writing technologies on both printed and born-digital books (see more in Publications). By applying a methodological scope coming from the fields of New Media and Electronic Literature, she offers a unique contribution to the field of Digital Humanities in Spanish, and to Spanish literary and cultural studies overall.

As an artist, her digital works of poetry have been exhibited in galleries and festivals in the United States and abroad, such as her three social media #SELFIEPOETRY projects: “Fake Art Histories and the Inscription of the Digital Self;” “Women & Capitalism,” and #YouTubers; and her Twitter Bot @deshumani–Dehumanizing Ortega and Gasset, one tweet at a time. She is also interested in curating, and together with Élika Ortega created No Legacy || Literatura Electrónica (which BCNM supported through designing the furniture for the incredible exhibition!).

You can read more about Alex here!