Eyeris Featured in CITRIS Inventors Series

18 Apr, 2019

Eyeris Featured in CITRIS Inventors Series

Check out this great video of Eyeris in the CITRIS Inventors Series! Eyeris, created by George Moore, Silvia Kim, Katherine Qiu, and BCNM certificate student Arianna Ninh, was developed in Eric Paulos' popular NWMEDIA C203: Critical Making course. The wearable "aims to tackle the issue of sexual harassment — specifically, non-consensual touch," George Moore writes.

From the description:

Sexual consent has become a major and recurring conversation topic in the U.S. Eyeris is an interactive jacket speckled with mechanical irises that open to reveal eerie eyes when touched. The purpose of this design is to discourage non-consensual touch and to remind others and ourselves to be more cognizant of the implications of our actions.

The new " CITRIS Inventors” series features a wide range of innovations and designs happening at the CITRIS Invention Lab.

Check it out here or below!