Malika Imhotep Featured in Berkeley News

08 Apr, 2019

Malika Imhotep Featured in Berkeley News

In an interview with UC Berkeley News, Imhotep, who is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of African American Studies with a DE in New Media, discusses her studies of how black women and femmes make sense of themselves in our society.

Imhotep shares that she is currently researching how black women, or people marked by black femininity, make sense of themselves as new kinds of cultural workers when confronted by social and cultural barriers.

From the article:

"And it’s beginning to answer her questions about how black women care for and make sense of themselves while navigating a society that has been designed, in many ways, to keep them out. She says she’s learned that it takes a commitment to community and a commitment to making beauty out of whatever is available to you."

“It’s been such an abundant process. For me, the work is a community. The work is all the people who came with me to install the show last night. The work is the new friends that I’ve made through the process. The work is the way that I personally just been able to grow and develop as a thinker, as an artist. It has opened up so much for me.”

To read more about Imhotep's work and research, read the article here!