Ken Goldberg on Ethics in AI

21 Mar, 2019

Ken Goldberg on Ethics in AI

In 2012, three researchers at the University of Toronto built a system that could analyze thousands of photos and recognize everyday objects, like dogs, cars, and flowers. Soon after recognizing the potential in this technology, Google purchased the rights to the company and its software. This allowed for great advances in robotics, including the ability of smartphones to organize your photo albums based on facial recognition. At least, some of the time. Women and people of color are less likely to be detected by such software, owing to algorithms on which it is built.

The New York Times hosted the New Work Summit to compile a list of recommendations for building and deploying ethical AI. Ken Goldberg was one of the experts invited to participate.

Together, the group proposed that companies should be transparent about the design, intention, and use of their AI technology, and that companies should clearly disclose to users what data is being collected and how it is being used.

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