Christo Sims at Media Design Practices

21 Mar, 2019

Christo Sims at Media Design Practices

Christo Sims, BCNM alum, presented at Media Design Practices (MDP) MFA's New…… Now! Thesis Symposium at the ArtCenter College of Design. Along with Ashlyn Sparrow from the University of Chicago, Sims responded to graduating students' diverse, critical, and future-led thesis projects. The event was hosted by Elizabeth Chin and took place March 1.

The symposium included conversations with Akash Dhiman, Jessica Escobedo, Eli Ruoyong Hong, Yunying Huang, Reina Imagawa, Justeen Lee, Zhuxin Liu, Nidhi Singh, Fei Wang, and Lauren William.

MDP is an interdisciplinary design MFA "preparing designers for our new now." Graduates have a focus in creative technology, experimental making and social action.

Find out more about Media Design Practices at its official website here.