Mona Kasra Video Now Online

18 Mar, 2019

Mona Kasra Video Now Online

Mona Kasra, Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Virginia, presented "Immersive Media: Performance, Experience, & Audience" as part of our Commons Conversation talks. We're pleased to share the video from this fantastic lecture!

Kasra discusses the unpredictable and continually shifting demarcation between the ‘real’ life and the ‘virtual’ life, and explore the social and cultural implications of mediation, virtuality, and liveness across hybrid physical/digital spaces. Reflecting on the collaborative process of designing a large-scale interactive, immersive environment, entitled Phase 3, the talk will outline a conceptual and practical framework for creating collaborative new media art platforms by combining technological perspectives (immersive media, surveillance media, or augmented interfaces) and cultural perspectives (collectivity, poetics, and play).

Mona Kasra is an interdisciplinary scholar, media artist, and an Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design at the University of Virginia. Her research focus involves exploring the confluence of media technologies, art, and culture, reflecting on the impact of emerging media on personal, political, and creative expression, and experimenting with the affordances of such media for artistic and performative practices. Further research can be found at

See below for the video, or head directly to Youtube here.