Ken Goldberg's Dex Net 4.0 in Forbes

28 Feb, 2019

Ken Goldberg's Dex Net 4.0 in Forbes

Forbes highlights Ken Goldberg's innovative work on "Ambidextrous Robots," which is attempting to utilize robotic projects to relieve big companies from the shortage of workers. The article mentions Goldberg's impact on implementing A.I. and robotics technologies that are evolving and bound to dramatically alter the modern workplace

From the article:

This awareness deficiency makes it extremely difficult to get robots out of their single-task comfort zone, the authors write, because of the "inherent uncertainty in sensing, control, and contact physics." These are all things human beings take for granted. But let's go ahead and pat ourselves on the back. Because if there's one thing at which humans are vastly superior relative to machines it would be contact physics i.e. recognizing instinctively that taking one book out of a row on a shelf can cause another book to tilt diagonally.

Goldberg and his fellow team members used A.I. and Deep Learning to train a robot to be "ambidextrous," using two totally different grippers and rapidly choosing the best one to use for each grasp.

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